Welcome to the HBSAAA

The Harvard Business School African-American Alumni Association (HBSAAA) serves over 2,300 African American, African, and other graduates of HBS who identify with an African American heritage. It is dedicated to building and sustaining a beneficial network that connects alumni, current students, and applicants with HBS to increase our influence at the School and in the broader African American Community.

Letter from the President

Fellow Alumni,

As we begin our year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of AASU at HBS (“AASU50”), we approach a pivotal moment in our community, a time to reflect on our past, and solidify pathways for future generations to come. For this, we are calling on you to offer your leadership and commitment to build a more illustrious future.

FIRST, we ask that you mark your calendars for April 20-21, 2018 to join fellow alumni at the Advancing African American Leadership Conference on campus. HBSAAA volunteers have been hard at work since the summer to encourage alumni to participate in the Conference. We hope you will join us in April and will ask fellow alumni to return to HBS with you.

SECOND, please join the celebration throughout the year by attending local activities, engaging in volunteer teams, and supporting other initiatives to build a stronger, more sustainable HBSAAA—the first affinity club sanctioned by Harvard Business School.

WITH AASU50, we are poised to set the stage and foundation for an exciting and meaningful future for our community. We hope all HBS African American alumni will actively participate. Read our latest newsletter to learn more on how to get involved and support our mission.

We are excited about this 50th year of AASU and hope you are as well!

All the best,

Ken Powell (MBA '74)
President, HBSAAA

Do you have a program idea or alumni news to share? Let us know. Contact us at secretary@hbsaaa.org with the details. Thank you!